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Art is the source of life;
it is the spirit of progress,
it gives the soul the most valuable of goods:
and no one has more than the artist.
Romain Rolland (1866-1944)




This site you are visiting was created from a desire of Vallonia and Michel to allow artists to make themselves known but also to come together and create a dynamic.

Immersed in the artistic community I found myself alone with myself because this is an extremely closed and private preserve setting. It turns out that the path to emerge or be recognized is not easy especially at this time so that support is required. So I decided to meet this demand as much regarding the finalization of prior practice drawing and painting or any other art as for people who wish to make a career. This is what I call artistic coaching.

To accompany and assist artists, allowing them to not be alone, to discuss the challenges, solutions and support, to develop exhibitions and events involving actors of this site, to organize, to be part of a group recognized as serious and in progress artists. An incubator for artists, in short!

So if you need help, if you feel alone, if you are looking for some specialization as an artist, please contact us, we will find the solution !

We are delighted to introduce this panel of selected artists. Do not hesitate to submit your application to be hosted on this site to the site’s administrator Michel or the artist Vallonia.
Long live creation! A world without creations is a deadly unbearable world .


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